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Origins Law was created to provide businesses and law firms with high-quality legal support in the area of intellectual property law. Many of our clients use our services to branch in to new areas of law, consult on specific projects that may exceed the scope of a law firm's current capabilities, or provide support to firms experiencing a surge in workload.  With personalized packages, we can accommodate most firms with cost effective options and streamlined services. 

Choose Origins Law when you need additional support in areas of intellectual property law, including trademark support, trademark searches, trademark infringement analysis, copyright support, copyright infringement analysis, legal research and analysis, patent drafting, patent preparation, patent searches, patent infringement analysis, domain name registration, and domain name issues and disputes. In addition, our company provides business related services to clients that includes strategy development, brand building and brand protection, licensing and negotiation services, and review of business practices to learn where improvements can be made and make recommendations to increase efficiency and profitability. 

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